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Industries We Serve

HAR Adheive Technologies employee pouring adhesiveWe offer a broad range of very specific products to each industry. These products have been proven over time to provide application specific performance and cost advantages to our customers. We also offer custom solutions integrating our years of experience with our industry knowledge and strategic partnerships.

Bookbinding, Padding & Collating
HAR formulates and supplies adhesives and primers for every bindery operation from padding to casing-in. The products we supply are used by binderies worldwide, in the manufacturing of hard cover and soft cover books, magazines, catalogs, forms and various other products.
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Case and Carton Sealing
HAR has created a leading-edge adhesive technologies that form and seal cases, cartons and trays with better bonding using less adhesive in response to the desire to improve the quality and efficiency of packaging operations.
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Composite Cans & Spiral Tube Winding
Composite cans and tubes are used in a variety of industries, from food to building and automotive products. HAR has a number of adhesives for composite cans and tube winding, including many economical alternatives to our standard dextrin line.
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Container Labeling
HAR offers a full range of container labeling adhesives that are safe and consistent, and will improve the quality and efficiency of container labeling operations, with the best overall value.
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Envelope and Direct Mail
In the pressroom the requirements span a broad spectrum, ranging from multi-page direct mail pieces to single page publication inserts, and from Sunday newspaper advertisements to corporate brochures.To meet the industry challenges, envelope converters have responded with faster speeds, higher quality, and shorter runs, requiring flexible adhesives that perform on a variety of envelope equipment and substrates.
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Doors Manufacturing
HAR offers a full line of adhesives that give entrance, interior and garage door manufacturers a world of new production alternatives from cross-linking, polyvinyl acetate (PVA) adhesives, to water based polyurethanes (PUDs) and 100% solids liquid moisture curing urethanes.
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Flexible Packaging
Flexible packaging adhesives must provide excellent clarity and bond strength, and resistance to heat, moisture and chemicals. They also must prevent the delamination that can occur when two films differ in extensibility and stretch, or relax at different rates. HAR offers the full H.B. Fuller flexible packaging line and other custom formulations focusing on small to mid-sized converters and laminators.
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Foam Packaging
HAR offers products that cover a multitude of miscellaneous and niche packaging applications from ream wrap to straw attachments to various foam bonding needs.
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Multi-wall and Specialty Bags
Multi-wall bags are flexible containers made from two or more layers of paper that provide an extensive variety of specific barrier properties. This packaging is used for products such as pet food, fertilizer, and a range of other chemical and food products.
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Product Assembly
Whatever the assembly application; automotive, industrial, electrical, medical or woodworking, HAR products offer you unsurpassed performance and value. We specialize in knowing which solution will best meet your requirements
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Woodworking and Cabinets
If your plant is edge gluing with a clamp carrier, constructing engineered joints or using a multi opening hot press for plywood manufacturing our woodworking and cabinet adhesives will satisfy your needs.
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