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SilGel® Silicone Adhesives

The brand name WACKER SilGel® describes highly transparent silicone rubber compounds that cure to form silicone gels. What makes WACKER SilGel® products so special, is their extremely low viscosity and pronounced inherent tack. WACKER SilGel® products are addition-curing RTV-2-silicone elastomers that cure both at room temperature and at higher temperatures. WACKER SilGel® products are used in the electronics and optical industries for casting processes. These unique silicone adhesives can be automatically processed in mixing and metering units, and are therefore ideal for efficient mass production. SilGel® is perfect for encapsulating extremely sensitive electronic devices  and protecting electronics from external influences. For optical applications, especially in photovoltaics, WACKER SilGel® silicone elastomers are especially useful due to their transparency in the visible light spectrum. If you’re interested in our Wacker SilGel® silicone gels and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.

Wacker SilGel silicone adhesive in use on electronic componentsApplication Solutions:

  • Electronic Control Devices
  • Protect Sensors
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Optical
  • Potting Compound
  • Filter elements

Key Benefits:

  • Stable - excellent dampening properties in extreme temperature fluctuations or strong vibrations.
  • Transparent - complete transparency in visible light.
  • Low viscousity.
  • Inherent tack.


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