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DynaCold™ High Speed Cold Glue Applicator

DynaCold™ High Speed Cold Glue Applicator

The DynaCold High Speed cold glue applicator has standardization of components and backward compatibility are designed into every aspect of this product line to give you the latest benefits and technologies without having to completely replace your adhesive application equipment every few years.

The DynaCold applicator also has a modular nozzle with configurations for conventional flanged nozzles and multi-orifice nozzle plates. Because of the standard construction of the applicator body, one of the only differences between configurations is the nozzle itself. Every DynaCold High Speed cold glue applicator is also available in contact and non-contact configurations. Features include:

  • Two millisecond cycle time
  • Robust ball and seat design along with the elimination of dynamic seals result in minimized wear and extended life
  • Stainless steel construction and proven modular components
  • Adhesive application pressures to 600 psi (40 bar) with fluid viscosities to 6000 centipoise

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