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ELASTOSIL® Silicone Adhesives/Sealants

ELASTOSIL® Silicone Adhesives/Sealants

Elastosil® is one of Wacker's best established brands; it covers a wide range of high-quality silicone products with extremely diverse properties.

Specifically, Elastosil® RTV-1 silicones are ready to use compounds that have been tailored for the plastics, glazing and construction sectors for bonding, or sealing and encapsulation. They offer the professional solution for any joint with optimum bonding - whether as window, sanitary or glazing sealants or in bonding mirrors and plastics. Elastosil® RTV-2 silicones may be addition or condensation curing for encapsulation, sealing, pad printing and composite mold making. They can be applied automatically, have long pot lives and vulcanize rapidly when heat is applied.

Elastosil® silicone products, with their universal range of properties, are used in the most varied industrial applications when special adhesive or sealant products are needed. Their near-to unlimited potential makes them ideal for applications in almost all industries such as vehicle/automotive and mechanical engineering, electronics and electrics, textiles, baby articles, toys, domestic appliances and sports articles, as well as the construction industry. Easy to process with great mechanical properties, Elastosil® products remain unchanged over a wide temperature range and come in HCR silicone rubbers, liquid and solid silicone rubbers. 

If you’re interested in our Wacker ELASTOSIL
® silicone products and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you or your companyplease contact HAR Adhesives today.

Application Solutions:

  • Automotive and mechanical engineering
  • Encapsulation for electronics and electrics
  • Composite mold making
  • Sealing with adhesives, glazing and bonding for plastics, glass, textiles
  • Pad printing
  • Construction industry solutions

Key Benefits:

  • High and low temperature resistant, from -40°F to 400°F
  • Bio-inertness meaning no bacteria growth
  • Excellent electric insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • UV stability, for 25 years no degrading or ozone weathering
  • Resistant to aging (UV, ozone and radiation)

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