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SEMICOSIL® Silicone Adhesives/Sealants

SEMICOSIL® Silicone Adhesives/Sealants

Semicosil® is the name of Wacker's highly specialized silicone rubber grades used in various electronics applications. Semicosil® products effectively protect electronic components against external effects. They can be fully automatically processed in mixing and metering units, and are ideal for cost-effective mass production. The product range covers a wide selection of room-temperature and high-temperature vulcanizing 1 and 2-part silicone rubber grades. If you’re interested in our Wacker SEMICOSIL® silicone products and want to know how we can create a customized solution for you please contact us.

Application Solutions:

  • Encapsulation of fragile components
  • Coating or protective varnishing of circuit boards or hybrid components
  • Thermal stress reduction
  • Vibration dampening 

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely low stress values
  • Protects components against mechanical and chemical effects
  • Uniform stress distribution between different materials
  • Dissipates heat generated during operation of a component

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