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2020: A Year of Challenges & Opportunities

2020 is certainly a year that none of us will soon forget! As this tempestuous year draws towards a close, we can choose to look back and see a year filled with chaos, despair, and uncertainty or we can view 2020 as a year where our many challenges presented us with unforeseen opportunities.

Few could have predicted the turbulent ride we would all find ourselves on as the early months of 2020 progressed towards the Ides of March. As the magnitude of the crisis became evident, HAR swiftly implemented procedures that would aid in providing us with the best chance for our families and business to emerge from the pandemic safe and healthy. From limiting guests and truck drivers from entering our facilities, to restricting non-essential business travel and enforcing strict sanitation procedures, we did everything we could think of to minimize contact and ensure the safety of our employees, their loved ones, and our valued customers.

As March progressed, we promptly found opportunity in the midst of our challenges. We obtained a World Health Organization (WHO) formula for an approved sanitizer and found that we already utilized many of the components. We began producing sanitizer for our employees and their families at no charge and then quickly transitioned into giving away thousands of complimentary bottles to our customers who had been having difficulty securing it. The response and gratitude we received was overwhelming!

As the pandemic widened and began spreading like an out-of-control wildfire, more opportunities began to manifest. Our adhesives and application equipment became a crucial element for companies that were making products that appear on the shelves of our supermarkets and pharmacies to help combat Covid-19. We rapidly came to the realization that we were an essential part of the supply chain, connecting manufacturing to the consumer at a critical time.

As late spring gave way to the warmer months, our eyes were opened even wider to the significance and impact of this global health crisis. By this time, we had effectively manufactured and distributed most of our free sanitizer. Many people came to us and asked what they could do to help get sanitizer into the hands of those that needed it most. With this in mind, we created a Go Fund Me account that enabled us to funnel all profits from future sanitizer sales to a special fund set up for the Cleveland Clinic to aid in Covid-19 research, an effort that ultimately resulted in a contribution of $10,000!

Fast forward to the present. This year we have all faced challenges unlike anything we’ve experienced before. We continue to miss the faces of our colleagues and personal interaction with our customers. We know many of our customers are feeling the same way! Moving forward, we will continue to be flexible and adjust our course as needed. We are here and ready to serve our valued customers in any capacity desired, be it a phone call, or even a well-planned safe visit to their facility. We hope our many precautions, our non-interrupted service, and our sanitizer program have provided our customers with even a small amount of protection and relief.

Here’s to a safe and healthy holiday season and a hope that we will all continue to find opportunities in the midst of our challenging times as we enter into a new year!

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