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To Automate or Not to Automate

The choice to go with an automated or semi-automated adhesive application system versus manually applying adhesive depends greatly on the production needs, time and resources available.

Automated Adhesive SolutionsIn the long run, it is usually more cost effective to use an automated application system because it will use less glue, take less time, use less manpower, make fewer errors and require less clean up. Even with more complex designs, small or large products, or ever-changing requirements, you’ll be surprised at how well an automated system can handle both.

Here are two examples:

  1. A manufacturer of large plywood crates for specialty shipping needs had a problem. Because of the crates large size and weight, they require forklifts and cranes to maneuver yet the packages needed to remain stable. So the manufacturer uses a layer of polyethylene foam—known to have excellent shock absorbing and vibration dampening properties—on the bottom of every crate. The problem came with keeping the foam adhered to the plywood.

They were using a hot melt glue gun to apply their adhesive.

- The hot melt would start to cure as the person tried to cover the large area.
- Coupled with too much adhesive being used, this led to a weak bond.
- The foam was peeling off as the crate was being moved.

We evaluated their requirements and installed a ITW Dyantec adhesive application system with a swirl spray using our standard pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive.  Now, no matter what excessive handling or long-distance transporting, the crates remain structurally sound and the package unaffected. Plus this system has reduced labor and the amount of adhesive needed by almost 40%.

  1. A casket manufacturer (yes, coffins) uses several adhesives in virtually every aspect of constructing a casket including sealing lids to keep them water and air tight. To do this, they used an expensive adhesive tape for gasket sealing which was a cumbersome process and slowed down their entire production line. The manufacturer looked to us to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

As a solution, our engineers developed a custom semi-automatic adhesive application system for their unique requirements.

Using ITW Dynatec equipment and our pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive, this system made the caskets water and air tight in half the time and for half the cost.

Automated Adhesive Application SystemSwitching to an automated application system will often save a company thousands while being able to keep up with production demand for the long term.

Eric Eckert, Technical Sales Manager
(716) 852-7955

Are you thinking about ways to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operations?

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