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Blister Packs A Punch in Packaging

Did you open up some toys or tools this past holiday? From toys, tools, medicines and many other small consumer goods, blister packs are a great choice in packaging to show off a product while being both cost-effective and highly secure.

These toys may have been made from a thermoformed or injection molded plastic shell called a “blister,” the plastic is bonded using adhesive technology that coats paperboard, foil or itself, as in the case of a clamshell enclosure, to form a transparent and tamper-resistant package.

Example of Adhesive Technology For Packageing | Hot Melt Glue and Hot Melt Adhesive

It's been found that the many benefits of using blister packs can be attributed to the bonding process. This plastic formed package protects against environmental factors like humidity and contamination and the finished package can be hung or displayed in a store while keeping the product in full view for the customer.

  • Blister packs offer high marketability due to having custom designed and printed paperboard called “blister cards” that make products more eye-catching and appealing.
  • Due to the low cost of materials used, blister packs are also an economical choice for large production needs.

The adhesives used in blister packaging are designed for high-speed production and must be flexible, bond rapidly, cure fast and stay transparent. We offer a comprehensive line of water-based adhesives, solvent-based and "solvent-less adhesives" for blister packaging, including H.B. Fuller’s Flextra™ which is the industry standard for any flexible packaging needs.

These types of industrial adhesives can be used for film, paper and foil laminating as well as hot melts heat seal coating for lidding and over wrap applications. When a reliable and strong seal at low temperatures is needed or cold-sealed pressure sensitive techniques are required, these adhesives minimize any variations in production due to humidity and temperature so that they will not warp, shrink, crack or seep.  

"By the way, if you got frustrated this holiday with trying to open those tamper-proof blister packs try using a manual can opener to open the plastic in the future."

I'm Scott, and I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the possibilities blister packaging can offer your company, as well as assist with the process of discovering which type or types of adhesives would work best for the specific production requirements. Please free free to pick-up the phone and give me  call today at: (330)220-0115 or click this link to Contact HAR Adhesive Technologies Today.

Scott Lepard, Technical Sales Representative

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