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As a manufacturer of adhesives and a distributor for companies including H.B. Fuller, 3M, and ITW Dynatec, we stake our reputation on creating solutions for our customers. "We established this blog to offer our technical expertise, share trends, give insights to new products and applications, and tell unique stories along the way." - Joe Cerino

  • Precision Cold Glue Application Equipment; Will hold furniture together without dripping and do muc

    Recently, I had to don my seldom used handyman hat, in order repair a four-drawer dresser that was showing signs of instability. Upon further inspection, it appeared the dowels had become loose and were not holding securely in the dowel holes. My handyman assistant, Google, indicated that there may have been an insufficient amount of adhesive applied during the manufacture of the drawers. As most folks would do to remedy the situation, I applied copious amounts water-based adhesive into these holes, thinking that I would overload the hole with adhesive to ensure this was not a reoccurring problem. It may have solved the stability/bonding issue, but the mess that it created and discoloration on the stained wood created a new set of issues.

  • Why HAR? I think I know why.

    How does HAR stack up compared to other adhesive companies I’ve worked at? Or, why is HAR an excellent company to have as a strategic partner? Let’s face it, there are a lot of adhesive companies out there who would love to sell you glue. HAR does, too, and we have been very successful over the past 20 years with sales increasing by more than 4,000 percent! How did that happen in a very mature industry? Read on.

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