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The Dynamini™ Makes An Impact at Blackstone Brewery

Our partner who manufacturers leading hot melt glue application equipment, ITW Dynatec, recently visited one of our customers, Blackstone Brewery in Nashville, Tennessee. A brewery who bottles and ships their own brand of craft beers uses the ITW Dynatec Dynamini and hot melt adhesives for their packaging operations. ITW Dynatec posted an interview with Blackstone Brewery’s Facility Engineer, Chris Cooper, talking about their beers, their manufacturing process and the benefits of working with ITW Dynatec hot melt glue equipment for sealing their cases.

Blackstone Brewery currently runs 100 bottles a minute and packages cases two to three days a week with the capacity to run five days a week in two shifts. They have been using the Dynatec Dynamini with hot melt adhesives for their packaging operations.  Chris Cooper states “Our Dynatec Dynamini has worked flawlessly. It’s been in the facility for two and a half years. We have not had any type of breakdown or malfunction. It truly is a set it and forget it equipment.”

Chris goes on to state how they have never needed any replacement parts or needed to do any repairs. This makes perfect sense. The Dynamini is an extremely simple to operate adhesive application supply unit featuring a patented no char, melt-on-demand hopper that virtually eliminates adhesive degradation and downtime. More details about this workhorse are detailed in our blog The Small Yet Mighty Hot Melt Application Supply Unit: ITW Dynatec’s Dynamini.

Chris Cooper explains the benefits of the Dynamini, “It’s just been so perfect for us. I can’t imagine anybody would want to have to tape their boxes when you can put a piece of equipment in and set it and forget it.”

We are so glad Blackstone Brewery thought beyond the tradition of taping boxes and looked for a more assembly-line approach. Furthermore, the added benefits of precise and faster application and no downtime that, in the long run, the lower cost is a winning combination!

Bill Liston, Regional Equipment Sales Manager

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