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Flexible Hot Melt Glue Solves Delamination Issue

A long-time customer of ours had a problem with the hot melt glue they purchase from us.

Hot Melt Adhesive Solutions

While no one wants to hear they have a problem with what you are selling them, I always try to think of it as an opportunity to improve our relationship by providing them great customer service.

This customer was using this same hot melt glue for years for the purpose of adhering foam parts and never experienced any issues. Strange as it sounds, one of our customer’s clients started experiencing some delamination with these particular foam parts. Through our customer’s investigation they felt the delamination issue was a result of more significant handling of the parts on the client’s end. So they came to us to solve the problem.

We discovered that in fact the adhesive was just not flexible enough to withstand this extra handling. After more tests, we found an alternate, more flexible hot melt that met their needs and their price. What’s interesting is that our customer did not even realize that there were alternate kinds of hot melt glues available, especially ones that offered a flexible bond.

In the words of our customer:“I have been in this business a long time. We never really got into hot melt glue and we didn’t realize there were other types of these products out there. This is the fix we were looking for and we appreciate HAR’s persistence in helping us with this resolution to our problem with adhesive.”

This experience was a reminder to me that just because you have glue that adheres well, doesn’t mean it will always work in the long run and in any situation. Testing in the various environments that the glue will be exposed too needs to be done in order to find the best solution.

Eric Eckert, Technical Sales Manager

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