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H.B. Fuller’s New SmartGrip® 5025 Palletizing Adhesive

Reduce packaging & help the planet with H.B. Fuller’s new SmartGrip® Palletizing 5025 adhesive

At HAR, we’re always working hard to stay ahead of trends in the industry and bring you the best and most efficient products for your business. 

To that note, many of you know that HAR is a master adhesive supplier for companies like H.B. Fuller. So today, let’s talk about the benefits of H.B. Fuller’s new SmartGrip® 5025 adhesive that HAR can provide to you. 

What is SmartGrip® 5025?

SmartGrip® 5025 is an alternative to stretch wrapping pallets that helps to reduce excess packaging and help the planet. When applied to the top of finished goods’ packaging, this clever heavy-duty adhesive grips cases into place and prevents pallet loads from shifting during transit—reducing the need to use unrecyclable stretch wrap for pallet stability. 

The benefits of SmartGrip® 5025

  • Applies adhesive directly to top of finished goods packaging, such as corrugated cases.
  • Dries in seconds. Provides a point of friction where it grips to stabilize finished goods that are stacked on pallets.
  • Allows packaging to easily separate when ready for merchandising.
  • Doesn't tear or stain packaging. Breakthrough adhesive palletization innovation that provides no mineral oil migration.
  • Removes ultra-easily.
  • Reduces the need for corrugated slip sheets and stretch wrap to stabilize pallet loads of product.
  • Lowers cost of in-store or warehouse handling, disposing, sorting, or recycling of slip sheets and stretch film.
  • Reduces excess product packaging and consumption of environmentally unfriendly stretch wrap.

Let’s look at an example: a typical Water Manufacturer

According to H.B. Fuller,

“The typical water manufacturer wraps stretch film 10 or more times around one pallet of finished goods. Stretch film is not recyclable in most parts of the world. SmartGrip® 5025 is applied on top of shrink-wrapped bottle caps prior to palletization to provide added strength to pallets. It can reduce manufacturers' reliance on environmentally-unfriendly stretch film to provide pallet stability during shipping.”

Many water and sports drink manufacturers utilize SmartGrip® 5025 to improve their environmental footprint while saving on average $25k annually per palletization station. 

“SmartGrip® 5025 adhesive helps stabilize pallets of finished goods and reduces usage of stretch film 50 to 66% for a typical water manufacturer.”

Interested in learning more about SmartGrip® 5025?

If you’re looking to reduce excess packaging and help the planet, let’s chat today about SmartGrip® 5025. We’d love to walk you through the benefits and help make your life a little easier.

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