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Getting to Know Padding Compound and Other Bindery Adhesives

Did you know there is more to padding compound then just sticking papers together? 

Each and every adhesive have their own unique characteristics that allow the user to produce the pads they desire.  Some users need  a glue that dries quickly while others need one that works on specific paper. Having a padding adhesive with different strengths, bonds, thicknesses and even color make a major impact on the outcome of the pad. 

padding adhesivesStandard padding variations include: Precision Padding Cement, Premium Quick Pad, and Universal Fan-Apart. Some hot melts are used  for thermal binding while other formulations exist for collating, mailing, paper tipping and more. Our particular padding adhesives are sold to well-known paper merchants all across the United States who then distribute to printers and bookbinders world wide.

Below is a list of the various types of padding compound adhesives we formulate and distribute:

  • Precision Padding Cement: A versatile and flexible water-based resin for padding and general bookbinding that will not crack, chip or flake. Long shelf life and freeze resistance. Stocked in various colors.
  • Premium Quick Pad Adhesive: A thick formulation that dries in five minutes, generally needing only one coat. Will bind any paper stock to vinyl, plastics, textiles and leather.
  • Universal Fan-Apart: For carbonless paper designed to work with NCR/Appleton,Xerox and Nekoosa sheet stock.
  • Mailers Paste: Mailer paste for standard mailing machines; folder paste for folding machines; label paste for labeling cartons or glass by hand; and make-ready paste for tissue and enameled stock.
  • Carbon Interleaved Sets: For collating and open trough machines.
  • Printer’s Specialty Adhesives: For film to paper tipping that adheres to polyester and rigid PVC and, of course, paper stock.
  • EVA Hot Melts: For deep penetrating padding or for mailers with highly enameled, varnished and heavily coated stocks.

If your business is interested to learn more about the versatility and reliability of our padding compounds or adhesives, please give us a call at 440-786-7185 and our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you!

Dennis Grosel, Manager of Product Delivery and Administrative Systems


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