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Getting to Know Padding Compound and Other Bindery Adhesives


Each and every adhesive have their own unique characteristics that allow the user to produce the pads they desire. Some users need a glue that dries quickly while others need one that works on specific paper. Having a padding adhesive with different strengths, bonds, thicknesses and even color make a major impact on the outcome of the pad.

Our Bindery Adhesive Product line sold through distribution include: Precision Padding Compound, Premium Quick Pad, and Universal Fan-Apart. Some hot melts are used for thermal binding while other formulations exist for collating, mailing, paper tipping and more. Our particular padding adhesives are sold to well-known paper merchants

Interested to know more about the different adhesives and application equipment for bindery work? Here’s a brief overview:

Precision Padding Cement - This versatile and flexible water-based resin has set the standard for padding and general bookbinding. For over 70 years. Available in White (clear) or Red. Applied by brush or roller. Our Precision Padding cleans up with water, is freeze/thaw stable, is extremely flexible and is guaranteed not to chip, flake, crack or stick under normal conditions.

Premium Quick Pad Adhesive - This padding compound is the industry’s top quality high solids formulation that has been designed to bonds to most any paper stock as well as vinyl, plastics, textiles and leather. Our quick pad adhesive dries in approximately 5 minutes and generally only needs one coat for superior strength, flexibility and adhesion. Applied by brush or roller. Our Premium Quick Padding Adhesive cleans up with water, is freeze/thaw stable, is extremely flexible and is guaranteed not to chip, flake, crack or stick under normal conditions.

Universal Fan-Apart Adhesive - For Fan Apart carbonless roll of sheet stock to create multiple sets. This adhesive has been formulated, tested and proven to work on popular brands such as:
  • Appvion (formally Appleton Papers) NCR brand sheets,
  • Pixelle Specialty Solutions (Formally Glatfelter and Mead Specialty Papers) Optica brand and others,
  • Nekoosa Coated Products brand papers
  • Xerox Brand papers
Applied by brush, HAR’s universal fan-apart adhesive produces a strong bond that is easy to fan out into sets.

Hot Melt Adhesive - Hot melts are increasingly been used in the paper industry for bookbinding coated or heavy UV paper stocks and for specialty applications. There are multiple kinds of hot melt adhesives available, including EVA, PUR and pressure sensitive, to meet any requirement. HAR stocks dozens of hot melt adhesives designed for Bindry’s. Printers and Book Binders. Each one uniquely designed for unique requirement

Interested to learn more know about HAR Bindery Adhesive check out this link. Need a distributor, contact us on line at contact Har on our web site or give us a call at 440-786-7185 and our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you or!

Dennis Grosel,
Manager of Product Delivery and Administrative Systems


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Most padding compounds are used in industrial manufacturing settings where production is automated. Even when done individually, though, the process is usually about the same. The manufacturer usually first stacks the paper and compresses it in a padding clamp.
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