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Global Trends of Adhesive in the Packaging Industry

I recently read an informative article by one of our top suppliers, H.B. Fuller published in ASI's Adhesives and Sealants Magazine. The article describes the evolution in adhesive technologies for the packaging industry entitled “Adhesive Suppliers and Manufacturers Make Strides in Serving the Packaging Sector." It details the importance of predicting the needs of their customers to stay viable. 

Adhesives an Glue for Packaging in the Manufacturing IndustryWhile it may be no surprise, global trends are; to use less packaging, reduce production costs, and use more sustainable, manufacturer safer products

To keep up with those needs, innovation is the key. Companies like ours, H.B. Fuller and adhesive application equipment manufacturers like ITW Dynatec have made significant advancements both in adhesives and in the equipment used to apply those adhesives.

The results include specialized hot melt adhesives that require less glue and can be applied at lower temperatures as well as new applicator systems that only heat up a small area for “on demand’ service and feature automated on/off control. These innovations go hand-in-hand to increase quality and safety while lowering long term costs. Less adhesive is needed, thus there is no charring or degradation of the adhesive and energy use is at a minimum, meaning there is less contamination and less waste.

To add to these benefits, adhesive manufacturers have broadened their supply chain for more sustainable sourcing of raw materials and developed new products that do not require hard-to-source materials needed in the industry.

As the H.B. Fuller article states, taking this multifaceted approach shows “infinite opportunities are available to find new value for customers either through adhesive innovation or cost reduction.” Please feel free to read more about the strides in adhesive innovations in the H.B. Fuller article and find out more about the these types of adhesives and adhesive application equipment on our site. As a full service supplier of adhesives and equipment, we are constantly innovating our operations to provide our customers effective and sustainable adhesive solutions.

Lynette Filson, Communications Manager

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February 24, 2020 11:52 AM

H.B. Fuller always publishes solid reads. Thank you for the post please keep pushing more out :)
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February 24, 2020 11:54 AM

Great post! Have you seen the new adhesive that dentist came out with that even NASA is going to start using!? Really cool stuff I suggest you google it and check it out
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great read. very informative
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November 20, 2020 11:30 PM

Great article with great insight. Looking forward to reading more posts.
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December 1, 2020 5:03 AM

The article describes the evolution in adhesive technologies for the packaging industry entitled “Adhesive Suppliers and Manufacturers Make Strides in Serving the Packaging Sector, I have also read the article, it is awesome, need to write more articles so customers can trust on you.
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