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Can you “go green” when using an open roller pot system to bind books? (Hint: with HAR you can!)

Many companies choose an open pot polyurethane reactive adhesive (PUR) bookbinding system when producing thicker books on a large scale. With the open roller pot system, the PUR is exposed to the atmosphere—hence the term open pot. In a closed pot system, the PUR adhesive is contained in a sealed environment with no atmospheric exposure. 

And while the open roller pot system has many advantages such as:

  • Provides a consistent coating of adhesive across the entire spine of especially thick books
  • Better accessibility for the operators
  • Significant binding strength

It also has drawbacks:

  • Results in more emissions of the hazardous components of the PUR when compared to the standard closed system—this is because the entire pot of adhesive is exposed to the open air

An environmentally-friendly solution to open roller pot binding

I received an inquiry recently from one of my customers that operates a large-scale book bindery company. Their environmental team flagged the open roller pot part of their bindery operation as “low hanging fruit” from an emissions perspective that needed a more environmentally-friendly solution.

The company asked us if this was possible. Could we figure out a greener way to assist this part of the operation?

Going green

We immediately discussed the ask with our technical team, and it was determined that our low-monomer PUR bookbinding hot melt would significantly reduce the hazardous emissions and alleviate the concerns of their environmental team. Additionally, this PUR would provide their employees with a safer work environment due to decreased emissions.

We tested the low-monomer PUR and the bonds exceeded expectations on the customer’s digitally printed materials. The application and specifications were in compliance with all customer requirements, and they have since successfully made the change over to this new environmentally-friendly PUR.

Solutions beyond your imagination

We love working with a customer to come up with a solution that will benefit them, their employees, their customers, and even the environment. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with adhesive and adhesive application solutions beyond your imagination, just like this low-monomer PUR.

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