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Grease in the Food and Beverage Industry

If you are in the food or beverage industry, this adhesive supplier has the grease for your company!

Of course, we don’t mean cooking grease. HAR Adhesive Technologies in Bedford, Ohio now carry Nevastane® 2-Plus food machinery grease from Total Lubricants U.S.A. that meets USDA H-1 Guidelines and ISO 21469 standards for the lubrication of equipment used in connection with food for human consumption, pet food and farm animal feeds.Nevastane 2-Plus Food Machinery Grease

This kosher and NSF H-1 registered grease is particularly recommended for use in bakery mixing machines, bottling plants and food canning plants.

Nevastane® 2-Plus is a white, aluminum complex with FDA approved ingredients that outperforms other food grade lubricants by combining superior anti-wear properties with a tacky texture. With specially designed additives, this unique grease provides as much as 50% higher wear resistance, thus significantly increasing the re-grease intervals. The grease also has a high degree of water resistance, superior corrosion protection, and a broad operating temperature range of 0°F to 350°F. Quite simply, Nevastane® 2-Plus is your best choice for a premium quality, water resistant grease for use in food processing environments where incidental food contact may occur.

If you are interested to learn more about Nevastane® 2-Plus or try a sample of this premium grease, please free to call me directly anytime at 440-463-4581 or complete our Request Information Form online.

Michael Casper, Technical Sales Manager

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