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The Hot Melt Adhesive Advantage, Take II

Back in October 2012, an article was published in our blog titled The Hot Melt Glue Advantage. Almost two years later, it still holds true but I decided to update the blog with some new insights and information.

Hot Melt Adheive Supplies

As one of the most versatile adhesives for home and commercial use, hot melt adhesive is widely used in packaging, bookbinding, labeling, non-wovens, crafts, construction, electronics and other product assemblies primarily due to fast processing capabilities and a wide range of bonds.

Offering excellent adhesion, a quick set and easy to use, H.B. Fuller sums up the major advantage of using hot melt technologies in the industry over other adhesives on their website, “Unlike water-based or solvent-based adhesives, hot melt adhesives do not require drying. Hot melts begin bonding almost immediately after application, as they cool down to their solidification point. This fast solidification is ideal for use on highly automated manufacturing lines that require rapid bond formation.”

Besides those major benefits, hot melt adhesives are very affordable and there are many types of hot melt adhesives to meet material, use and performance requirements. While most of us picture hot melt adhesive as glue sticks, these solid adhesives in industrial applications are also available as pellets, chips, pillows, blocks, ribbons, and dots, allowing for various applications.

These adhesives and adhesive application processes are developing all the time to meet the need for high conversion speeds in a variety of environmental conditions.

With increasing demand to bond a wide range of substrates, polymer technologies have elevated the performance of many hot melts, such as Rapidex® reactive hot melts, Advantra Encore™ and LiquiLoc by H.B. Fuller. And today, hot melt glue equipment goes way beyond the simple glue gun technology, using different feeders and applicators to create customized spray or bead patterns for laminating, bonding and sealing. There are now fiberized spray technologies from ITW Dynatec as well to meet the non-woven markets need to use less adhesive to make products lighter and more affordable for consumers.

Truly, the uses of hot melt adhesives are virtually endless in any type of assembly processes while providing long-term cost savings that no other types of adhesives can match. For more information on how hot melt adhesives can benefit your company, give us a call at 440-786-7185.

Ken Schonauer, Sales Systems & Support Manager

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