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If you ask for it… HAR will make it happen

You may have heard us say before that HAR provides adhesive solutions and support beyond your imagination. This particular customer would agree…

The problem

A prospect reached out to HAR looking to match a remoistenable adhesive for a specific envelope application. And while we were distributing a great remoistenable adhesive product from H.B. Fuller, they did not have a product to meet this customer’s specific requirements.

The process 

We were already manufacturing similar technologies, so we decided it was time to turn our attention to the manufacturing of envelope adhesives. We had the equipment. We had the capacity. We had the capability. We had the contacts.

So, we went to work to develop a formulation for our prospect that would meet his needs and surpass his expectations.

The solution

At HAR, we talk a lot about how creative we are with applications, changing products, and implementing changes with processes, but we rarely boast about our R&D potential - i.e. How we research and develop innovative approaches to help our customers.

So, please allow me to do that for a moment…

After a lot of R&D and then testing multiple unique remoistenable formulations, we came up with a winner for this prospect. It was a big success. Along the way, we also were able to tweak our standard remoistenable formulation, making it even better. We saw improvements in speed, color, and machinability.

We have created some great formulas over the years, but this improved remoistenable adhesive formulation has been a remarkable product that has opened the doors to a new market.  

The result

We now have a multiple superior remoistenable formulation for the envelope industry that can compete with and has proven to outperform our competition.

I want to give high fives to the HAR team members who helped me bring this solution to our customer. It is rarely just one person responsible for a success like this at HAR. It is usually a team effort.    

At HAR, we stake our reputation on creating customized solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. We are so glad we could provide this prospect with the solutions he needed. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your adhesive needs in the future!

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