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Implementing creative solutions to exceed expectations

My customer came to me with a question…

Could we quickly ramp up their fulfillment center so they could take on a large repackaging opportunity with a well-known, name-brand company?


This customer needed an adhesive solution, equipment solution, and a financing Their fulfillment center was outdated and had worn out adhesive dispensing equipment. With this current setup, they feared they would not be capable of keeping up with the large volume demands that would come from this new business.


The customer called me and I was there the next morning ready to assess the situation. I reassured them that we have seen outdated fulfillment centers many times before and if they were willing to trust HAR, we could meet all of their needs. They agreed. 

I introduced them to our HAR Equipment Sales team, we listened to their requirements, and together we were able to provide them with an adhesive and equipment solution plan that surpassed their expectations. 


To tackle this task quickly and effectively, we went with our MH3500 adhesive in pellet form. We coupled the adhesive with our 4KG and 8KG ITW Dynatec Simplicity Adhesive supply units and suggested that these units be automatically fed by the ITW Dynatec ADS 1 DynaFill™  Adhesive delivery system. 

This system automatically replenishes the MH3500 adhesive to the desired level. A low-level indicator then sends a signal to the DynaFill™ that adhesive is needed which then activates a positive pressure suction that draws the adhesive and deposits it into the hot melt unit.


This was a loyal customer who was willing to trust HAR, and in turn, we knew we could trust this customer. That’s why we agreed to amortize the cost of the equipment through their adhesive purchases over a two-year period. Our adhesive and equipment divisions worked closely together to install the equipment on our customer’s day off and we had them fully up and running in just a few days. 

As their business continues to grow, we continue to access and add additional ITW units to the agreement. They are now buying all ITW brand replacement parts for their remaining Nordson units and the head of their maintenance department told me, “HAR and ITW have proven their value in support of our business.” 


Perhaps your company is in a similar situation. Maybe you’re looking to update your existing equipment but just don’t have the capital. Or maybe you’re disappointed with the service you’re receiving from your current adhesive or equipment supplier. If this sounds like you, there are better solutions for your business. 

We can show you how easy and affordable it can be to spread your equipment investment over an agreed-upon time period through our Amortization Program. This program allows our customers to free up capital for other purchases while adding an agreed-upon dollar amount to their monthly adhesive purchase. 

With this program, our customers benefit from expert technical support and service from our adhesive and equipment teams. These teams work together to tackle any issue from all angles and provide you with the support you deserve. Additionally, we are happy to show you how our scheduled adhesive packaging line audits can ensure that you use the correct amount of adhesive while focusing on proper bead placement and optimum bond strength.


At HAR Adhesive Technologies, we’re always looking for creative ways to support our customers and meet their needs. We implement creative solutions when we know we can exceed expectations while continuing to protect our interests. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your adhesive and adhesive application needs!

Jeff Fugitt, Technical Sales Manager
Cell: 614-531-2219


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