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Indispensable Types of Adhesives

There are so many indispensible inventions that use adhesive as a main component, which seem somewhat small in today’s world.

Take a look in your home or office, what would we do without transparent tape, sticky notes, sealable envelopes, adhesive bandages or disposable diapers?

Adhesives Used in Everyday Life - Sticky NotesThese inventions were often created with adhesives to solve a problem or improve a product. Take furniture pads, for example. Many years ago a young inventor tried to find a solution to stop his chairs from marring the floors. He found that if you soak the thick felt material used for chalk board erasers into a high solids white glue, once hardened, it can be used as pads on the bottom of furniture to protect the floor from scratches.

Sometimes, however, the invention is by sheer accident as in the case of sticky notepads. In 1970, a 3M Adhesives researcher tried to create a super glue-like adhesive, but instead only developed an adhesive that would stick paper together.

The invention got shelved until years later when another 3M Adhesives worker was singing in a church choir. He used bookmarks to keep his place in the hymnal, but they kept falling out of the book. Remembering the sticky but peelable adhesive, he coated his bookmarks with it and, voila, Post-It Notes® were born.

Can you think of other clever inventions that have required adhesive solutions as a main component?

Lynette Filson, Communications Manager

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Exactly my thought last night! When I was young, I always thought these things are just waste of money but now, I can't live or work without them.
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I agree. There are a lot of products that make use of adhesives.
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I just realized that we use adhesives in everything
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September 21, 2020 10:02 AM

In 1925, 3M released Drew’s invention, the Scotch brand masking tape.
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September 21, 2020 10:05 AM

Originally a product to help auto painters, Richard Drew’s invention of Scotch tape offered a sticky solution to the world.
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