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ITW Dynatec Distributor of the Year 2020

Award Announcement: ITW Dynatec Distributor of the Year 2020 

Nearly 20 years ago HAR had a vision of how we were going to be different. This vision included integrating our core adhesive business with our equipment business which allowed us to offer engineered solutions in addition to adhesive application equipment, parts, and services. This integration took a tremendous effort from our management team, our adhesive sales team, core members of our equipment business, and a unique level of support from ITW Dynatec.

Dedication + commitment = superior support

We started as the 32nd ranked distributor, and today, HAR Equipment Sales Division is proud to announce that we were recently recognized by ITW Dynatec as its “Distributor of the Year” and one of their largest worldwide customers! Our commitment to providing customers with comprehensive and superior support has helped cultivate relationships with new customers and reaffirm commitments to existing customers.  

Keeping pace with an ever-changing industry

Over the past several years, HAR Equipment Sales has found new customers with new needs. These needs required innovative ways to utilize ITW Dynatec equipment in order to help these companies increase market share and enter developing markets. Finding new ways to keep pace with an ever-changing marketplace and environment has pushed us to develop new and creative ways to innovate and support our customers.

New internal and external communication methods

HAR Equipment Sales has also adapted to the growth by implementing new ways to better communicate with its sales team and customers. HESNET is a new platform that provides customers with instantaneous quoting, sales orders, and shipping confirmations. Every time correspondence is sent to one of our customers, that customer’s salesperson is notified. This enables the HAR salesperson to follow up quickly if additional support is required. HAR Equipment has also worked closely with customers to develop inventory and stocking plans to ensure downtime is mitigated.

The foundation of our success

This focus on providing customers with a “comprehensive support plan” for all things related to dispensing adhesive has been the foundation of our success. It often starts with an experienced member of our adhesive sales team, providing the optimal adhesive solution for each unique application. Through collaboration (equipment/adhesive) HAR has been able to quickly troubleshoot any issues that may occur. HAR Equipment has also cultivated its relationship with APEC Engineering, which has allowed us to provide unique and customized engineered solutions, including full automation. (Check out this video for more: Adhesive Applicator XY Table - APEC Engineering.) HAR Equipment’s customers know they can find a solution - even for the most complex applications - all in one place.
As HAR Equipment Sales navigates through uncertain times, we continue to innovate to keep customers up and running. If you are already a customer, HAR Equipment is truly grateful for the partnership, trust, and support. And if not, we hope to have the opportunity to serve you soon.

Chaz Downing
General Manager for Adhesive Application Equipment
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