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Keeping your hot melt equipment up and running trouble free is fine.

Imagine a multimillion dollar packaging line down because of hot melt application problems. 

A few months ago, I was contacted by a company that was not only burning through hot melt equipment parts, but their recently purchased equipment was already in bad shape and causing extensive down time.  We found a plant maintenance team that needed help.

The HAR recommendation

After speaking with their team and learning about their application, we recommended: 

  1. A purge and cleaning of their entire hot melt line
  2. Changes to their bead placement and bead sizes
  3. Upgrading to an adhesive optimized to perform in their environment
  4. Our Hot Melt PM service.

The HAR result

We knew our recommendations would greatly benefit this company and we were excited to work with them and walk them through the process of switching their adhesives.  The result was:

  1. Continuous up time without problems
  2. Equipment and parts in better condition over time
  3. Decreased the amount of adhesive used per unit

And today, we are happy to report that they are using over 10% less adhesive per part and spending less time and money fixing and replacing their equipment.

Let HAR take care of the adhesives for you so you can focus on your business

There are many advantages to having the right adhesive for your application and for your equipment’s longevity. At HAR, our team is trained to know the best options for your business which allows us to suggest the adhesive that best fits your specific needs. We evaluate and approach your unique application with our proven step by step processes.

We have helped many of our customers overcome adhesive waste and issues including: 

Contact HAR today to see where we can help improve your adhesive processes

Contact your local HAR Adhesive and Equipment representative to:

  • Find which adhesive will get your business running at optimal efficiency
  • Learn how to dial in your equipment to achieve better quality and cut back on scrap or downtime
  • Ensure your adhesive transition is smooth

You can find your local HAR representative by clicking here

We look forward to working with you and helping you extend the life of your hot melt equipment and parts!


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