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Meet the Nordson Challenger: ITW Dynatec

ITW Dynatec -  hot melt adhesive

ITW Dynatec® is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and worldwide leader in hot melt adhesive systems and glue application solutions for over 45 years.

For over a decade HAR Adhesive Technologies has partnered with ITW Dynatec to provide adhesive applications equipment sales and support to our customers. This partnership was formed with the intention for HAR to be a full-service adhesive solutions company providing quality, innovative and sustainable adhesives and adhesive application equipment.

HAR Adhesive Technologies and ITW Dynatec share the same belief to go beyond our customer’s expectations and provide innovative adhesive solutions that make a measurable difference in a company’s operations. Specifically, ITW Dynatec believes in quality, innovation, and sustainability as the underlying principles of their long-term success. Their mission is “to help customers manufacture superior products with less waste, improved quality, and reduced consumables.” Simply put, ITW Dynatec is an adhesive manufacturing standard for product performance in accuracy, longevity, reliability, and innovation.   

One of ITW Dynatec’s unique niches is their value-added systems and parts. In particular, they manufacture 100% compatible drop-in replacement parts for Nordson® and Slautterback® with the same or better quality as those offered by the OEM at a much lower cost. In addition, they manufacture a drop in replacement hot melt glue unit called the Dynapack. Read more our blog about how the DynaPack is better a Nordson alternative

In addition to all this, ITW Dynatec was recently awarded the Volunteer Star by OSHA for unparalleled safety in operations.

Partnering with ITW Dynatec, HAR has become a full-service adhesive application equipment supplier from customized design and installation of quality repair and maintenance, all with the intention to provide our customers "adhesive solutions and support beyond imagination." 

To view many of the ITW Dynatec adhesive products we supply, visit the equipment section of our website. To learn more call us at 440-785-7186 or complete our Request Information Form.

Keith Nagy, HAR Equipment General Manager

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HAR Adhesive Technologies and ITW Dynatec share the same belief to go beyond our customer’s expectations and provide innovative adhesive solutions that make a measurable difference in a company’s operations, customers strongly believes on your products because of good quality.
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