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Next generation precision hot melt coating technology! The ITW Dynatec APEX™ slot die applicator

As many of you in the adhesives industry are aware, when it comes to slot die hot melt glue applications, scrapping substrates and wasting adhesive has always been a known cost. Until now! The ITW Dynatec APEX™ high-speed slot die applicator is here and it offers a great solution. The APEX™ applicator delivers crisp adhesive cut off that no other product in the hot melt equipment world can match. 

Not only does the APEX™ slot-die applicator outperform other slot applicators in its class, but it also costs less, giving the customer the best value in the industry today!

What is the APEX™ slot-die applicator?

The APEX™ applicator is a highly precise air-operated adhesive applicator assembly with a flexible design that can be used in intermittent applications and on a variety of substrates. When used along with one of the versatile ITW Dynatec adhesive pattern controllers, an application or pattern that could never be achieved in the past is now attainable. 

Take for example a recent customer of ours in Ohio. This customer inquired about doing a “ladder” adhesive pattern on a substrate that was a high speed, constantly moving web of paper. The only applicator we offer that could perform this successfully guessed it...APEX™!

The design of the APEX™

ITW Dynatec’s design of the APEX™ applicator features reverse-acting modules and optimized channels tailored to specific patterns. This design helps to achieve the performance you can only get from ITW Dynatec. In real-world tests with a wide range of substrates and adhesives, the APEX™ has shown minimal adhesive and product waste which saves customers, like you, money. 

The APEX™ slot-die applicator provides:

  • SIMPLICITY -  Reversible filter block allows for a variety of supply hose connections and configurations
  • RELIABILITY -  High-accuracy platinum sensors for accurate temperature control.
  • PERFORMANCE - Channels are optimized for the cleanest adhesive cutoff in the industry

APEX™ coating widths

The ITW Dynatec APEX™ applicator has a wide range of coating widths available. In a one module configuration, the coating width can be as narrow as 1.57”, and in a 10 module configuration, the coating width can be up to 18.11”, with everything available in-between.

Want more information?

Contact HAR Equipment Sales today for more information on the ITW Dynatec APEX™ high-speed slot die applicator. We can chat more about the benefits this product provides as well as all the other hot melt application equipment available from ITW Dynatec. We believe this is The next generation of precision hot melt coating technology!

Bill Liston
Technical Sales Manager for Adhesive Application Equipment
Cell: 440-413-5488

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