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How One Internet Lead Turned Into A Valued Win-Win Partnership

Last fall we received a call from an engineer named Seth who worked for a competitive carton manufacturing company and was seeking to replace their old cold glue extrusion heads with non-contact heads. Seth had been working with their incumbent supplier, but he was having issues and was unsatisfied with their service and results. Seth found us through a web search, and we immediately started working toward a solution together.

In typical HAR fashion, I let Seth know that our intentions were to meet or surpass his expectations. First, I met with Seth to understand his issues, needs, and goals, and then we started to formulate a plan. I went and met face-to-face with Seth to present our precision non-contact head technology to him, and I stayed with his integration team on my very first visit until it was up and running to their specifications and satisfaction. We agreed on the spot to a 30-day no-risk trial. I was obviously pleased that our technology passed with flying colors.

After observing the effort and technical capabilities required to install the first demonstration head, Seth wanted to explore a way to make the integration even easier. Therefore, we offered to add some pre-wiring of the heads in our machine service and repair center to allow for a more modular, speedy installation. Seth was happy to accept this offer which would make the process more efficient.

Additionally, we wanted to show our willingness to work around the company’s production schedule which can change quickly from day to day. In order to be a true partner, I offered the company the balance of the heads on a consignment sale. They pay for them as they are installed, allowing the heads to be immediately available as time and opportunity permit. This offer was also quickly accepted and very much appreciated.

Although Seth’s company had previously been restrained by excessive downtime and capacity limitations, I’m proud that HAR was able to transform his results. With the old methods, Seth’s company was essentially competing on the same level as many other companies. With our solutions, they were able to rise above the competition and are running faster and more efficient than ever before. They are reporting a 40% increase in productivity of each converted line which has provided them with available capacity to bid on and close a huge piece of business that they had been sharing with two other companies, essentially beating their competitors out of the business.

Seth continues to come to us with new opportunities, and we will continue to work together to provide him with solutions that surpass his expectations.

Chaz Downing
Technical Sales Manager for Adhesive Application Equipment
Cell: 440-485-1777

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