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Paint Primers with an Adhesion Punch

Jay Cooke’s All Purpose Sign PrimerWhile HAR is primarily known as an adhesive technologies company, did you know we also manufacture our own line of water-based primers? Much like adhesives, primer is designed to adhere to surfaces and to form a binding layer between two materials (in this case, the substrate and the paint). In addition, our primers are engineered to have improved filling and stain-blocking properties.
As a preparatory coating, priming is essential for better adhesion of paint while increasing paint durability and providing substrate protection. Yet our primers do so much more.
Primer All 10: An excellent stain blocker, this tintable primer may be used to cover up asphalt, water, rust, crayon, lipstick, marker, food and smoke-damage stains. Primer All 10 is 100% acrylic and an ideal prime coat for masonry surfaces, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, vinyl, drywall, glass, tile, fiberglass, wood, plywood, brick, pvc plastic, foam and more. Whether it’s needed for fast-dry spot primer or for full coatings on interior or exterior surfaces, one coat is sufficient. Plus it can even be applied on damp surfaces!
Jay Cooke’s All Purpose Sign Primer: Our other primer offers a high build, water-based, universal primer, sealer and stain blocker.  Like Primer All 10, it can be used for both interior and exterior applications and can be used with both latex and enamel topcoats. Filling the need for any kind of sign making and other construction, Jay Cooke is formulated for wood, foam, MDO plywood, fiberboard, vinyl or metal. Our Jay Cooke primer dries quickly, is virtually odorless and sands beautifully. Jay Cooke’s All Purpose Sign Primer is absent of harmful solvents and requires only water clean-up.
Between the two primers HAR manufactures, we cover all of your priming needs. Plus our primers have virtually no bleed through like many of the primer products on the market today! Your paint is certain to look better and last longer.
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