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Precision Cold Glue Application Equipment; Will hold furniture together without dripping and do muc

Recently, I had to don my seldom used handyman hat, in order repair a four-drawer dresser that was showing signs of instability.  Upon further inspection, it appeared the dowels had become loose and were not holding securely in the dowel holes.  My handyman assistant, Google, indicated that there may have been an insufficient amount of adhesive applied during the manufacture of the drawers.  As most folks would do to remedy the situation, I applied copious amounts water-based adhesive into these holes, thinking that I would overload the hole with adhesive to ensure this was not a reoccurring problem.  It may have solved the stability/bonding issue, but the mess that it created and discoloration on the stained wood created a new set of issues.


I realized that if this company would have used our custom designed, precision cold glue application equipment, this problem could have been avoided.  We have worked with some well-known furniture manufacturers and others that needed a similar precise solution or wanted to avoid a similar problem.

The HAR CG (Cold Glue) Pump System offers a sound alternative to a common water based assembly concern; applying inconsistent amounts of adhesive to uniform joints, cavities, edges, grooves, and ridges.  This system is capable of delivering a precisely metered (adjustable) amount of adhesive every time and will prevent excessive or inadequate adhesive application.  It takes the guesswork out of the hands of your operators and allows them to efficiently and optimally dispense water based adhesive every time.  No more handymen needing to fix your products at home; or worse, customer complaints or product returns.


This system has many customizable features that are determined based upon each unique application.  The handheld applicator, fed by a diaphragm pump or pressure pot (application and volume dependent) and triggered by a foot or other customizable switch, is quite maneuverable and is easily maintained.  These units can support adhesive stored in a 55-gallon drum, a five-gallon pail, or a variety of other containers.  The length of tubing and cables from the control unit can also be adjusted to allow for greater flexibility.


Not only are these systems utilized by our customers in the woodworking industry, they also have the capability to support various types of other product assembly and handwork operations in for various  corrugated, paper or wood assemblies.  We have designed custom systems that use fixed applicator heads and we have supported a wide variety of custom requests from our customers. 


We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team on any application that requires or would be better served by delivering a precise and repeatable amount of water based adhesive. 



Chaz Downing

Sales and Customer Service Manager for Adhesive Application Equipment

Readers are invited to use the links below to find and contact a local adhesives representative that can help with your company's industrial adhesives needs: HAR Adhesive Technologies has a presence in seven distinct states, uniquely focused on serving the adhesives, adhesive application, and equipment needs of each region in: OhioIndianaKentuckyMichiganNew YorkPennsylvaniaWest Virginia



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March 28, 2020 3:48 PM

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September 17, 2020 2:27 AM

There are several types of services that we can provide. Whether you want an entirely new roof that you can customize or you need to have your old roof repaired or replaced, our team of experts can do it for you. A professional installer will come into your home and discuss what you need and recommend the best option that will meet your needs. The most common roofing materials that are used are asphalt shingles, wood shakes, metal roofing, metal-tile roofs, and many others. Give us a call today and book your free assessment for all your roofing needs!
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September 19, 2020 8:20 AM

super helpful article-appreciated reading this thank you!
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