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What Do Pringles® Chips, Ajax® Cleanser & Pillsbury® Crescents All Have in Common?

Tough question? Think about the packaging; they are all packaged using composite cans. These cylindrical containers are attractive, functional, versatile and economical, making them extremely popular for consumer packaging and food packaging needs; special types of adhesives are an integral part of manufacturing these types of composite cans and food safe containers. 
Cylindrical Containers and Food Safe Adhesives

Composite cans are just one of the many paper tube products. These containers are used to package countless commodities such as motor oil, frozen juice, table salt, coffee, rolls of paper or foil, games, mailing tubes and fiber drums to name a few. The body of the containers is usually made of spiral wound paperboard but also can be convolute (parallel) wound paperboard. Some of the tubes then are decorated with eye-catching convolute labels to attract consumers.

Composite can construction also allows for various top and bottom closures made from plastic, metal or paper such as shaker tops, pull tabs, snap-on lids and more. To further its functionality, the containers can be lined with foil, including food grade foil, to protect and preserve contents. Because composite cans and other tube products are made of paperboard, there is a wide range of wall thickness and sizing options.

HAR Adhesive Technologies has a number of hot melt, dextrin, and water-based adhesives to manufacture these spiral wound and convolute wound paper tube products. Our adhesives offer both excellent mileage and quick-setting characteristics for improved line efficiency and quality. We have adhesives that contribute to a firmer core for cans and tubes to improve crush strength regardless of the paper core and processing speeds.  If that wasn’t enough, we also supply laminating adhesives for lining the interior of composite cans, including safe food grade certified adhesives and labeling adhesives to bond exterior labels.

Can you think of other uses for composite cans? If you are a composite can or other tube winding manufacturer, it may be worth your while to talk with us to find the best adhesive solutions for your production needs. We work with our customers every step of the way to determine the right adhesive and adhesive application to meet all production requirements.

Scott Lepard, Technical Sales Manager

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Ha as long as the adhesive isn't IN the chips!
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Woah! this is a good information , thanks for sharing love!
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oh so this is why they have the same shape. great article! thanks for this :D
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December 1, 2020 4:22 AM

Composite containers are used to package countless commodities such as motor oil, frozen juice, table salt, coffee, rolls of paper or foil, games, mailing tubes and fiber drums to name a few, it will be good if the company research & development team will work to enhance the capacity of these products further.
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