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Product Protection – It’s All in the Container.

Every day, we take products off the shelves or out of our cupboards and open a box or carton to access what is inside. Have you ever stopped to think about that container? Why was it designed that way, how does it stay together and why is it so gosh darn hard to open? Questions like these do have an answer: it is because companies like ours spend countless hours formulating and producing adhesive products geared toward making that container—no matter what the design, shape or material—hold strong and protect its contents.

Through superior technology, we have developed a full line of water based extrusion glues each designed to handle numerous coatings including foil lined boxes. Through our refining process, we have resolved companies’ issues with clogged nozzles and pop open containers. Because of our hands-on approach to customer support, we are known to find or formulate the best adhesive to meet any production requirement from short-run needs to 24-hour continuous operations. Our adhesives are designed and purposely tested on many different machines to carry with them approvals on a variety of extrusion glue systems.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with you about these types of packaging adhesives and create an adhesive solution that works best for your company.

Eric Eckert, Technical Sales Representative



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