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Production Solutions & Building Relationships with Adhesive Equipment Advancements

A few years back, I visited a large cosmetics manufacturer who requested HAR’s assistance in improving a minor portion of their production.  Upon arrival, I was asked to carefully observe their entire process and determine which area I could potentially help optimize.  After a thorough inspection, we decided to run a sample test using a different type of adhesive equipment.  ITW Dynatec’s ADS1 DynaFill is one of the most reliable adhesive delivery systems on the market and is known for cutting manufacturer’s labor costs and downtime significantly. After a successful sample run, the manufacturer agreed to do several trials on site and were very pleased with the results. So much so, they decided to purchase approximately 20 more of the ADS1 DynaFill systems!

With the switch to this system, production rates would increase, while eliminating the possibility of human error simultaneously.

As months passed, I revisited the manufacturer to confirm the units were working properly, and to see if I could be of any more assistance.  To my surprise, I was informed that they were having issues with their Nordson hot melt machines that they use for a different product. Upon inspection, I noticed the Nordson glue applicators were not functioning properly.  The guns were misfiring, which caused the adhesive to string and drool.  I was told that the issue has been a concern for a while, but Nordson was of no help in correcting it. 

Verifying the result they were looking for, HAR Adhesives suggested doing trial runs using an ITW Dynatec BF Applicator Not only did the applicator work much better, but we were able to retrofit it to work on their current Nordson machines.  The results were as expected, and their ongoing problem came to an end.

Due to our solutions and constant support, HAR's relationship with this manufacturer has grown tremendously. Over time, they decided to replace their old Nordson hot melt machines one by one with ITW Dynatec products.

If you have an adhesive or adhesive equipment related problem that hasn’t been solved, give us a call.  We would love the opportunity to help you find a solution. 
Bill Liston, Technical Sales Manager

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