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Removing Glue

According to, “The scientific process behind removing glue is simply the destruction of the adhesive bond through altering its moisture and temperature levels, without destroying the object to which the glue is bound.” Simple, right?

Depending on the adhesive you need to remove, you may be able to get rid of that pesky residue with what you have on hand. Typically water soluble types of adhesives remove well with very hot sudsy water and lots of rubbing. But if the adhesive is on paper products, suggests sticking it in the freezer to hopefully get the glue brittle enough to be scrapped off. The same goes for hot melt glue, though you may be able to just pick or pull that right off.

For most industrial adhesive applications, however, it may be best to go with a product such as HB Fuller’s RELEASE. It’s an all purpose adhesive remover (that smells like citrus!) designed to be sprayed onto surfaces with hardened adhesive build-up and cuts through any grease and grime left from industrial equipment.

Here are some other tips for removing other types of adhesives: you can try softening it and scrapping it off with rubbing alcohol, acetone-based nail polish remover, mineral spirits or paint thinner on a rag. Be aware though that these products (except rubbing alcohol) can soften or mare some plastics. Finally, that centuries old liquid used for cooking and cleaning—pure white vinegar—may just do the trick.

For more tricks and tips on various adhesive-removing techniques, read wiseGEEKs “What are Some Tips for Removing Glue?” article. It is wise indeed.

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Tony M. says:

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I found this to be very useful at removing glue when fixing appliances. Thank you for the pointers. Will make sure all my fellow techs knows about this, especially the boys over at Appliance Repair Calgary Pros: I think they have a hard time with glue sometimes.
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