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Save money with HAR replacement parts

At HAR, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products at a fair price. With high OEM-quality Nordson style hot melt hoses, I was able to save our customer up to 40% off the Nordson list price for their hot melt system parts.
When an existing customer, with more than 50 years of experience offering their customers a customized approach for the development and manufacturing of auto parts and gaskets for industrial use, was unaware that we could supply most of the Nordson style/like replacement parts, we had a an in-depth conversation. I was able to walk them through our vast offerings and discuss everything we could do for them.
I discovered that they had a need for several heated hoses and that they were looking to save money by using hot melt equipment replacement parts. I knew our parts would perform at top quality while saving them money, so I gave them a quote. 
Besides the fair price and great service, there are two great reasons to become a HAR customer:
  1. All parts for Nordson hot melt systems supplied by HAR come with a one year warranty.
  2. We let customers try replacement parts for up to 30 days risk-free so they can ensure it performs just as well as the OEM parts.
Ultimately, the customer did not notice a difference in quality or performance, and was able to save money. And that’s really what I aim to do for all my customers every day. 
If you’re looking for replacement parts, try HAR first. We’ll work to help you save money while optimizing your efficiency.

Bill Liston

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