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A Simple “Sealed Shut” Solution

One of our local customers is part of a large national manufacturer who has facilities in several states. One of their sister plants was experiencing boxes that pop open after being sealed shut. This glue problem was causing production slow downs, damaged product and customer complaints. Their supplier was not an adhesive company (which we see all of the time) and they were stumped to fix the problem with our adhesive. A resourceful plant engineer networked to our customer and then to us. This engineer asked HAR for help.

We immediately sent a HAR Technical Sales Representative out of state to see the problem first hand. We reviewed the entire box sealing process and provided them suggestions on improving their processes which they implemented immediately (even before changing the glue!).

At their plant, we immediately noticed a unique coating on their boxes. We knew that we had to design an adhesive application system that would permanently seal their boxes under their unique operating conditions. Back in our lab we were able to simulate their operating conditions and perform testing using the actual sample boxes. In determining the best adhesive solutions for the company, we found a HAR product that worked on their coated boxes. In addition to permanently sealing the boxes, our formulation required less glue per carton, set faster, allowed production to speed-up and eliminated the product damage and customer complaints.

The company’s corporate engineering department heard about our white adhesive solution and has come to us with more sealant and bonding opportunities. For this customer, as with so many of our customers, we leverage our technical expertise with our many vendor partner relationships to solve problems with adhesive.

Gary Hajek, Technical Sales Manager


March 5, 2020 10:35 AM

I guess this would be a great solution. One of the best in the country.
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March 22, 2020 9:10 AM

That's a interesting solution.
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