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The Small Yet Mighty Hot Melt Application Supply Unit: ITW Dynatec’s Dynamini

ITW Dynatec's Dynamini - eliminating adhesive degradation and downtime.

Looking for a hot melt adhesive application workhorse with exceptional value and optimal performance?

Look no further than the Dynamini™ by ITW Dynatec

A compact, simple to operate adhesive application supply unit, ITW Dynatec's Dynamini™ features a patented no char melt-on-demand hopper with 7 year warranty standard, virtually eliminating adhesive degradation and downtime.

HAR has a long-standing partnership with ITW Dynatec®, a world wide leader in hot melt glue application equipment. From converting to product assembly and packaging, ITW Dynatec leads the way. They are an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer and have been an industry leader in adhesive application technologies for over 45 years.

See the ITW Dynatec's Dynamini™ difference:

Dynamini™ Advantages-

  • Exceptional value in a small hot melt unit
  • Melt-On-Demand hopper grid virtually eliminates adhesive charring
  • 7 year melt-on-demand hopper warranty
  • Accurate and reliable microprocessor proportionate temperature controller
  • Independent temperature control of the hopper, hoses and glue applicators to permit the precise metering of adhesive
  • Platinum sensor accuracy for exact temperature control
  • Conforms to CE requirements

Dynamini™ control panel features-

  • Digital set-point and actual temperature indicator takes the guess work out of correct temperature monitoring and control
  • Temperature indicator can be easily converted to Celsius or Fahrenheit readings
  • Easy to operate; hopper, hose and applicator zone control icons
  • Large scroll UP or scroll DOWN arrows permit the operator to quickly set the various zone temperatures
  • Control panel locking limits operator access
  • Pump motor on/off switch allows for manual control
  • Standby temperature programming lowers the adhesive temperature during inactive periods

For more product details, visit ITW Dynatec’s product page and give us a call to see how the Dynamini™ can provide superior adhesive solutions for your business.

Bill Liston, Technical Sales Manager

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Excellent product with 7 ears warranty that will make customers trust on company.
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