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Teamwork on the inside: HAR Adhesive and HAR Equipment Sales team up to provide a solution

The problem: A supply issue caused raw material shortages

A large provider of packaging, publishing, and hygiene products reached out to HAR early last summer with a supply issue. They were using a special spray adhesive in aerosol cans, but needed to figure out a new solution due to raw material shortages.

This prospect has over 125 operating distribution centers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, so we wanted to ensure we could deliver a solution that was less labor-intensive - and less expensive.

Enter HAR.

The process: HAR teams up internally to come up with a solution

Our HAR Adhesive division recommended a hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) to the prospect. This was a great thought, but the prospect did not have a way to apply the glue because it needed to be melted and then applied.

So, our Adhesive division at HAR teamed up with our HAR Equipment Sales division to come up with a solution.

The solution: Teamwork brings about a new way to solve the issue

HAR Equipment Sales brought in a Simplicity™ adhesive supply unit (ASU) with a hose and DGII hand applicator to help solve the issue. 

For any glue nerds like us, here is what we recommended: We had them route the hose over the top of the core and hang the hose and applicator so it is easy for the operator to take the DGII applicator and apply the glue to the core very quickly and in one pass.

Our team worked with their team to teach them how to use this new solution. We visited their site a few times and trained the employees and management. They were very impressed with the new process.

The result: 30-40% estimated savings for our customer

The ROI of this new process was very quick. They could apply the hot melt glue much faster than the aerosol cans, with less glue and less mess! 

By using the hot melt PSA that our HAR Adhesive division recommended paired with the hot melt equipment HAR Equipment Sales provided, our new customer saved an estimated 30-40% on material and labor.

And for a bonus - we also helped to eliminate harmful vapors the line employees dealt with when using aerosols.

We love pairing up with our customers to deliver a solution, and we really love when we can pair up internally at HAR to provide a solution. A real win-win-win!

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