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Thermal Mastics—Essential to COVID-19 Vaccine Preservation

With all of the news surrounding the release of the new COVID-19 vaccines, you may have wondered how the vaccines are transported to hospitals and clinics. And while you may think they can be transported in a typical freezer like the kind in your home, most (like the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine) actually require an “Ultra-Low-Temperature” (ULT) medical grade freezer to stay effective.

How HAR is helping

While the temperature of a typical home freezer is kept between 0 to +20F, ULT freezers can reach temperatures of -112F! And as you might imagine, ULT freezers are in popular demand right now, with the manufacturers of these units working around the clock to meet these demands. So, enter HAR!

At HAR Adhesive Technologies, we are very proud to be a long-time supplier of one of the key components utilized in ULT freezers—Thermal Mastics.

What are Thermal Mastics?

Thermal Mastics are smooth, pumpable heat transfer compounds that act as a gap filler. They are essential to a ULT freezer’s performance and aids in the transferring of surface-to-surface heat. 

Have you ever wondered why certain appliances with motors do not overheat or why you can touch the outside of an appliance without getting burned? While many different factors contribute, one of the key reasons is the use of Thermal Mastics. Thermal Mastics increase the surface area for the transfer of heat away from the heating or cooling coils, resulting in improved coil efficiency. 

Not your average freezer

While you may splurge and spend a couple of thousand dollars for a nice residential freezer, these ULT freezers can cost upwards of $15,000-$20,000 each! In addition to their very low-temperature capabilities, these freezers also come complete with tamper-proof locking doors, video screen temperature displays, and alarms that are connected to data networks to ensure they are secure.

At HAR Adhesive Technologies, we are honored to be a key supplier of Thermal Mastics, allowing us this opportunity to play a small role in the preservation of COVID-19 vaccinations!

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