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When Your Typical Adhesive Just Isn’t Enough

At HAR, we offer hundreds of water-based and hot melt formulations. Typically, these high-performance products can handle almost any application that is thrown our way. However, we have identified several specialty packaging and product assembly applications where gluing difficult substrates requires advanced technology - AKA a little more than your typical adhesive. That’s where our PolyUrethane Reactive (PUR) product line comes in. 


The versatility of Liquid (LPUR) and Hot Melt (HMPUR) Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives makes them the smart choice when it comes to higher performance bonding. Unlike most other adhesives, PUR’s utilize the moisture in the atmosphere or in the substrates to provide thermoset bonds. These permanent bonds offer excellent hot and cold temperature, solvent, and moisture resistance, and typically take 24+ hours to fully cure. They do not soften in heat or crack in cold temperatures, are easy to dispense, and can replace other difficult to apply structural adhesives like epoxies.  


PUR’s are commonly used in applications that require destructive bonds to woods, plastics, fabrics, and countless other materials. They are currently being used in automotive manufacturing, door and window manufacturing, filter and textile assembly, woodworking, furniture assembly, bookbinding, and the list continues to grow.  


As PUR’s become more widely used, additional opportunities and applications for the PUR’s are becoming more mainstream. They can require specialized equipment, but their widespread use has allowed this equipment to become more competitively priced.


We are proud to say that the HAR line of PUR’s has proven to be very efficient when compared to other bonding technologies. With our PUR’s, a customer uses less adhesive while achieving stronger bonds the majority of the time.


If you think a PUR may optimize your production, improve your quality, or eliminate a nagging performance issue, please give HAR Adhesive Technologies a call to discuss and evaluate your application.

Michael Casper
Technical Sales Manager

Readers are invited to use the links below to find and contact a local adhesives representative that can help with your company's industrial adhesives needs: HAR Adhesive Technologies has a presence in seven distinct states, uniquely focused on serving the adhesives, adhesive application, and industrial glue equipment needs of each region in: OhioIndianaKentuckyMichiganNew YorkPennsylvaniaWest Virginia



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The versatility of Liquid (LPUR) and Hot Melt (HMPUR) Polyurethane Reactive Adhesives makes them the smart choice when it comes to higher performance bonding. Unlike most other adhesives, PUR’s utilize the moisture in the atmosphere or in the substrates to provide thermoset bonds. I am agree with you on this point
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