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The Use of Thermal Mastics in the Appliance Industry

Have you ever wondered why certain appliances with motors do not overheat?  Or why you can touch the outside of those appliances and not get burned?  While many different factors contribute, one of the key reasoning’s is the use of thermal mastics.

Thermal Mastics are smooth, pumpable heat transfer compounds that act as gap fillers.  They can be used for different applications in which surface to surface heat transfer would aid in the system or component' performance.

Commonly used in the appliance industry, thermal mastics are involved in the manufacturing and operating of freezers, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

The function of the application in adhesives industry is to increase the surface area for the transfer of heat away from heating or cooling coils thus causing improvement in coil efficiency.
  • In refrigeration, for example, they can be used to transfer heat from the evaporator coil to the heat sink, temperature sensor or the defrost thermostat.  It is less costly than soldering or brazing and allows coils to be attached to liner walls with low cost mechanical fasteners.
There is not one specific way thermal mastics should be applied.  Depending on the volume, they can be applied with hand tools, caulking guns, or suitable pumping systems.  Temperature, pump pressure, and nozzle size can impact the efficiency of the application.  Using mineral spirits to cut or dissolve the product can make for an easy cleanup.

If you are in the appliance industry and are looking for a mastic product, please feel free to contact me.  I would be happy to help solve your problem and offer support beyond your imagination!

Scott Lepard, Technical Sales Manager


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I didn't know adhesives can transfer of heat away from heating or cooling coils. That's fascinating.
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