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How we gave one company the solutions needed to get their juices flowing

After calling on a juice and flavored beverage case, carton, and straw attachment packager for years, I was excited to receive the opportunity to prove our value to their company.  At the time, they were buying from a national adhesive company that nearly ran them out of adhesive one too many times—and I knew they needed a better solution. On my first visit to meet with them in person, their team just wanted to know if we carried products that would meet their specifications and if we could supply these products the same day if needed. The answer to both questions was yes.
During my first tour of the facility, I quickly observed that we could provide them with much more than just a same day shipment, but I understood their concerns and I stayed focused initially on qualifying our technologies and showing them what it was like to be supplied by HAR. As our relationship developed, they became more comfortable with me and began to see the value of working with HAR. I was then able to suggest some changes to their sourcing along with ideas for operational improvements that I knew would greatly benefit their company.
For example:

  • They were buying two different technologies for their case sealing to meet two different specifications. I explained that we could offer them one technology for both applications, which immediately showed our value.
  • They were buying very old technology for their straw attachment line as they were not aware that better technology was available. I demonstrated a state of the art straw attachment adhesive that ran cleaner and bonded better. Since using this adhesive, their straw attachment line has never run better.
  • I noticed that they were using a line of spring open/air close modules called Nordson H200 which were especially problematic on their straw attachment line. As the springs would wear down—which they do rather quickly—then they drip. I offered them a risk-free demonstration of our ITW air open/air close modules which eliminated the dripping and also allowed me to showcase the capability of being able to put down a much more precise glue dot for the attachment of the straw.
  • Prior to working with HAR, the company was receiving customer complaints that case sealing adhesive was dripping on the actual juice box. I set them up with a solution that took care of this issue on all of their case packaging, and these complaints are now rare.
Ultimately, our close association with engineering and maintenance opened the door for a broader adhesive application equipment relationship with this company. Today, HAR supplies them with all of their Nordson and ITW hot melt application parts and service.
As technologies advance and the cost of basic raw materials fluctuate due to changes in supply and demand, l continue to stay on top of the trends and offer them the best solutions for their company. For example, we are currently testing a new lower cost straw attachment adhesive that will provide an even better performance.
I am proud of the job we have done for this customer over the years, and I am so glad I got the opportunity to meet with them and prove that when it comes to adhesive applications and equipment, HAR is the company for them. The relationship we have developed has tremendously helped their business, and I’m proud to call them our partner.

Jeff Fugitt

Technical Sales Manager

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