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Why the Acquisition of Knight Adhesives by HAR made such a Positive Difference

My grandfather started Knight Industrial Supplies Inc. (later changed to Knight Adhesives) in 1971. Our family operated and grew the business for 38 years. On December 31, 2008, we sold the business to HAR Adhesive Technologies. My name is Eric Eckert, and I am the grandson of the founder of Knight Adhesives.


I was 30 years old and an employee of Knight Adhesives at the time of at the acquisition. People often ask me, “How is it to work for HAR after working for your family business?” My answer is always very simple: it has been very positive for our customers, very positive for our employees, and very positive for me.



HAR is a professionally run company with a strong team, developed structure, discipline, and quality systems. I am proud to be part of a team who celebrates my successes and works with me to continue to grow. As a HAR Technical Salesman, I have learned how to be a true professional and can identify when and how to engage with our customers and prospects. I have grown to quickly understand a customer’s needs and work with them toward win-win solutions. It has been nearly ten years and I feel like I have grown so much, yet I am still learning and continuing to develop. Being part of HAR has been challenging, rewarding, and fun.


There was an initial concern that HAR would shut down the Buffalo operation (where I worked) and merge the business with the Cleveland-based operation. On day one the owner of HAR, Joe, told us, “take care of our Buffalo based customers, follow our systems, be professional in all you do, and continue to grow the business to help the Buffalo operation succeed.” Four years later, we were still open and thriving and even moved into a brand new state of the art facility on Broadway Street in Cheektowaga, New York. The fulfillment of that promise meant a lot to our Buffalo team and took our level of service, quality, capabilities, and productivity to new levels. As we continue to grow, HAR continues to invest in the Buffalo operation with new technology, added people, and new equipment. HAR has empowered our Buffalo team to strive every day to innovate, create, and implement these tactics in every aspect of our business. We work with the HAR Technical and Administrative staff to bring these innovations and processes to the forefront for our people and our customers. These innovations have become our foundation for new business and expanded relationships.



Having the support and backing of HAR Adhesive Technologies has solidified our commitment to provide the solutions our customers and partners need to succeed on a daily basis. As we engage in new projects, we have learned how to be there from start to finish. We guide and work with our customers to not only obtain a solution but also offer support through timely and successful implementation. People often say “one stop shop” but few companies are actually able to do what I believe we are capable of doing as a team. We provide the technical expertise, products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations, the adhesive equipment and engineering needed to implement solutions, and much more. HAR has created a win-win atmosphere that has been embraced by the entire Buffalo team and recognized by our customers.  

The Buffalo operation and team has evolved greatly since 2008. We work closer and better with our customers than ever before. We are providing solutions that are truly a win-win. Part of this success is having the access to new technologies and understanding what is possible. This is the environment HAR has created—an environment that continues to be positive and beneficial for our customers, our employees, and me.

Eric Eckert

HAR Adhesive Technologies
3940 Broadway Street
Cheektowaga, NY 14227

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