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Why Companies Buy CB-1465-HV from HAR

At HAR, we pride ourselves on knowing the needs of our customers. And sometimes, we even present solutions they might not have known were possible. However, in the case of CB-1465-HV, I had no idea why companies were buying this product until I asked.
Chembond, an old time adhesive and coatings company with a small manufacturing facility in Tiffin, Ohio, was owned by a wonderful gentleman by the name of Charles Livingston. Charles spent his life formulating and manufacturing specialized adhesives and coatings. In 2002, HAR purchased the assets and formulations of Chembond, allowing us to add new equipment and customers to our roster. 
Back to the CB-1465-HV…
For many years we had one theater company in Canada that purchased the Chembond CB-1465-HV formulation in five-gallon pails. Over the past couple of years, we began to notice more and more Canadian theaters were calling us to buy this product. My interest piqued. I called a couple of the theaters and asked, “why are people buying this product and how are they using it?”   
These theaters are using CB-1465-HV as a primer for metal to support the artwork that goes with their set design. I took a closer look at the formula and quickly understood exactly why this product is a perfect primer for this industry, and many other industries as well. This product not only bonds to metal, but it also:
  1. Is latex based
  2. Works better than solvent-based products
  3. Does not drip or run 
  4. Accepts all top coats tried on it so far
  5. Does not contain any highly flammable or hazardous solvents
We strive to be a company that provides hassle free solutions for our customers, and that’s why we want to spread the word about CB1465-HV. In this case, we’re not looking to simply increase our sales as we do not expect the market to be huge for this product. Instead, we know that this primer solves a problem that many people using solvent primers want to be solved, and we want to help.
I am excited to share that we are currently working with a theater supply house in New York that would like to market this product nationwide. (We also think we probably need a better name—but that is still in the works.)
In the meantime, we will continue to support our current customers and look for ways to get the word out to those looking for an environmentally friendly solution for priming metal in theaters and many other areas.
Joseph D Cerino
Technical Sales

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