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Why We Believe “Pail Accounts” Matter Too

In our industry, small accounts are often referred to as “pail accounts” because they buy their adhesive a few five-gallon pails at a time. When Joe Cerino first bought HAR in 1996, over 80% of sales came from five-gallon pails, one-gallon pails, and even quart containers. At HAR we’re known to treat every customer, including these small accounts, with the respect they deserve.

By the time I joined HAR in 2003, the company had already been steadily growing.  Joe shared his philosophy with me of showing support, loyalty, and respect to all of our customers, even the pail accounts.  This philosophy was fundamental to the early growth of HAR as small pail accounts grew over time and as we learned, other pail accounts had more business that they were often willing to entrust to HAR.

I inherited one of these small accounts when I first joined HAR.  They were buying a few pails of label adhesive a year. I made it a point to personally thank them for every order and always mentioned my willingness to meet with them in person should they ever have a need.

One day, this company called me to let me know they were having issues with the label adhesive we were providing to them in pails. I asked questions about the application and the specific problem they were having and quickly worked toward a solution. I put together a few variations of the formula specifically for their current application method and then visited them in person that same week.

I was warmly greeted and taken on a tour of the company. Fortunately, one of the formulas I brought immediately solved their problem, which opened the door for me to ask about the rest of their business. I noticed they were buying large quantities of other adhesives and they told me they were bringing in about a truckload nearly every six weeks for their tube winding operation. I learned that they were having unresolved consistency issues with their current supplier's product. This was slowing down their line and causing “flagging” which is when the end of the tube does not stay glued. The company asked if we might have a more robust product that would run faster and meet their expectations for high quality.

We agreed to send in one tote to prove how HAR could help solve these issues.

I was there to demonstrate the first tote we ever sold them. I was pleased, although not surprised, that they immediately saw the benefits of our unique formula, designed specifically for their operation. Quicker wet tack, the elimination of flagging, stronger tubes, less waste, and faster speeds—that’s what we gave them.

These performance advantages reduced and in many cases eliminated time spent dealing with operational issues and customer issues which provided more time to focus on new ideas and new business.

Today we sell them multiple formulas, each designed to meet a specific need like specialty papers, exotic outer wraps like foils, and special requirements for even stronger tubes. From a “pail account” 10 years ago to a strategically important truckload customer today, we are proud to work alongside this company as they evolve with new methods, processes, and equipment.

As we add new members to our HAR team, I enjoy sharing my stories about how my “pail accounts” have grown and how some have become truckload quantity customers. I explain with many examples why we treat all of our customers, even our “pail accounts”, with the respect they deserve.

Gary M. Hajek, II, Technical Sales Manager
Cell: 216-374-6423

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I'm glad to hear that you treat all of your customers with respect as well. We try to do the same with our fencing customers but it is definitely not a universal concept.
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Every customer deserves our respect, great or small!
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