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Why We Promote New Technology

At our core, we believe that at a minimum your adhesive application and equipment provider should be a partner that is always there when you need them, fully supporting your operational goals in a hassle-free environment. At best, this partner should provide your company with a competitive advantage.


Yet, we understand that for many companies, especially large companies, change can be difficult. We sell to many multi billion dollar companies. With our experience we know that yesterday’s technology—technology that worked with older equipment and materials—may not be the best choice today.


It is our responsibility to identify needs and then recommend better, more efficient solutions. Solutions that can improve productivity, lower scrap, or enhance product presentation and quality. Even if I am just planting a seed in a prospective customer's mind, I know that when the time is right that customer will remember I presented other technologies to help improve their workflow.


I first presented HB Fuller PHL 4165 to my Fortune 100 customer several years ago. PHL 4165 is part of HB Fuller’s Clarity line of clean running pressure sensitive label adhesives that provide more aggressive bonding, a nearly invisible bond line, superior machining, char elimination and is also smokeless, odorless, and versatile. We sell PHL 4165 to many companies and we know that all of these attributes are true. This particular Fortune 100 customer runs a high speed can labeling operation, and had been using older label technology for years. I’ve been told before, “If it’s not broke, it is nearly impossible to change”. Yet I made it a point to continue to occasionally remind my contact that better technology was available.


My customer was living with and working through many of these issues including smoking, charring, and wrinkled labels to name a few. However, as the label stock and the composition of the cans continued to change over time, they began noticing that they needed more and more adhesive per label. I was brought in to analyze the situation. I told them we could try to make this work better, but that I really do not believe they will ever be totally satisfied with their current product. I recognized that their pain had grown unbearable and truly wanted to help with a new solution. Through my honesty and perseverance, the customer recognized that I genuinely cared and could be trusted. This was finally enough for them to receive approval and agree to a demonstration of PHL 4165.  


Today, PHL 4165 is running trouble free on all of their can lines. They are using less adhesive.  The adhesive is bonding better. There are no more wrinkles. There is little to no adhesive related down time. Our success at this facility has resulted in more demonstrations, more success, and more business at their other can labeling facilities.


As an experienced technical salesman for HAR, I have learned that my customers will make changes when they are ready. My responsibility as a true partner is to be aware of their needs, present alternative technologies when appropriate, and be able to demonstrate these technologies when they are ready.


Scott Lepard
Sr. Technical Sales Rep
Office: 440-786-7185 | Fax: 440-786-7186 | Cell: 440-220-0115  

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