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"Win-Win" Adhesive Supplier Relationships

Every business wants a “win-win” relationship and that’s one of the primary goals we set out to do every day. Recently, an existing customer of ours (we supply hot melt glue for their packaging) came to us to solve a growing problem with adhesive. The company manufactures household scrubbing pads. For the past year or more, the glue they used to laminate two different kinds of foams together developed delaminating issues and production slowdown.

Before coming to us for help, the company went to their original adhesive supplier asking for a solution. Unfortunately for them (but new opportunity for us), this large national adhesive supplier was unwilling to step in and solve their problem. Here’s where we came in to make a “win-win” for both of us.

We brought in an industry adhesive solutions expert to their plant to look at their entire lamination process. Working with this expert, we formulated a new glue specific to their unique adhesive applications. Always on the look-out to provide extraordinary service, this glue reduced scrap and cost less.

The best part is they are now focusing on new product development using this adhesive. Funny how a problem can turn into new opportunities and adhesive solutions for both the manufacturer and the supplier.

Eric Eckert, Technical Sales Manager


September 23, 2020 8:50 AM

There is a big satisfaction in helping your clients in their worries and helping them expand their businesses.
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