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A word from the president of HAR and a very special customer

It is a rare human being that will take the time to say thank you, especially so generously, as the customer I am about to highlight.


But first, allow me to give a little background…


I started HAR in 1996 with four employees. Today we have 50. I really never expected or anticipated our success. I just kept my head down and kept paddling and seemingly, every time I would look up, we were farther downstream. 


When I first got started, I was advised to clearly communicate my vision for the company along with our company story. (You can read the full company story here.) Essentially, the story is about the time I worked as a young boy with my father in our family grocery business. While I learned many lessons, the defining lesson was this: 


Strive to be dependable, deal honestly and fairly, and most of all, build and attend to each relationship like it is special. 


Every time I receive feedback like below, I think to myself, “Hey, it’s working!”


Please read on as I share this feedback from a very special relationship. I am so proud of HAR and our employees, and so grateful for these kind words.


Thank you,

Joe Cerino

President of HAR


Hello Joe,


I wanted to take a minute and congratulate you on your team. We are not a huge buyer of your product, but we have been buying from you for many years.


On Friday, February 11th, I called your office very late in the day with a potential disaster for my company. We have about 300 glass block windows on order for our Pour In Place Product Line that I need your Hot Melt to produce. About 4:30 PM I called your office and the young lady I spoke to said Chaz had already left for the day. I knew she could hear I was frantic. I left a message for Chaz to call me. Less than an hour later, Chaz called me and discussed our issue and said that he had loaner machine he could get us. He delivered the machine on Monday and picked up the old machine that needed repaired.


We never missed a beat. Now that we had the rental machine, we needed some boxes of Hot Melt. Gary brought them out the next day.


Less than 2 days later I had my quote to repair the old machine. I wasn’t sure I wanted to put that much money in the old machine so I asked for a quote for a new machine. Peggy sent me a quote within an hour and I pulled the trigger on the new machine and you guys delivered it that same day and picked up my $5,000.00 check.


I am extremely impressed at the great service your team provided Medina Glass Block.


Thank you very much!


Steve Boesch

Vice President

GBA Architectural Products + Services”



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