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The ITW Dynatec DPC-2 Distance-based Pattern Controller is a microprocessor-based electronic control system. It may be used in any process that requires the actuation of electrical output devices based upon distance traveled. It is specifically designed to control glue application valves used in adhesive systems. Examples of applications where the DPC-2 may be used include, but are not limited to, case sealing, labeling, and bag making.

All controls and displays are mounted inside a rugged enclosure with a protective door.  The display is a bright, seven-segment LED device that affords easy viewing at any angle and in any lighting environment. All connectors are standardized to simplify installation. Features include:

  • Hot-Melt or Cold Glue System Compatible

  • Distance Based 2 Channel Controller

  • "On-the-Fly" Program Adjustments

  • 4 Glue Pattern Events Per Channel

  • 4 Program Memory Retention

  • Keyed Lock Programming Security

  • Glue Applicator Purge Control

  • Automatic Pressure Control Outputs

  • Power Off Program Retention

  • IP-54 Enclosure

Give us a 440-786-7185 or complete our Request Information Form to find out more about the full line of ITW Dynatec Hot Melt Pattern Controllers.

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