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The ITW Dynatec DY2008 Pattern Controller can be used for hot-melt or cold glue application. Every channel may be assigned to its own trigger input, if desired, to increase the accuracy of multiple parallel running products. It is possible to program up to 16 independent glue events (16 glue + 16 delay) per channel. Each channel can operate in one of the possible modes: glue beads, dots, continuous gluing, random product length and stitching. Gluing can be triggered with a photo eye, proximity switch or by exceeding a certain machine speed. Features include:

  • 4 to 128 Channels

  • 16 Patterns per Channel

  • Trigger Inputs for Each Channel

  • 4 Pressure Outputs

  • 4 Scalable Machine Speed Inputs

  • 55 VDC or 170 VDC Over-Excitation

  • Memory for 60 Programs

  • Modes Include Standard, Continuous and Random Length

  • Easy-to-Navigate Menu Structure

  • Configurable for "Lines" or "Dots"

  • Dedicated Shutter Control

  • Up to 12-Point Pressure Output Curves

  • Machine Speeds to 1200m/min (4000fpm) @0.5mm (.02")

  • RS 232/RS 485 Interface (Option)

  • Profibus Interface (Option)

Give us a 440-786-7185 or complete our Request Information Form to find out more about the full line of ITW Dynatec Hot Melt Pattern Controllers.

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