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Composite Cans & Spiral Tube Winding

Composite cans and tubes are used in a variety of industries, from food to building and automotive products. HAR has a number of adhesives for composite cans and tube winding, including many economical alternatives to our standard dextrin line.
Composite Cans & Spiral Tube Winding

Paper Straws are a re-emerging market and HAR has become a leader in the development of adhesive specifically designed for this unique application with stringent requirements. We offer food safe solutions that hold up over the useful life of the straw, but not for hundreds of years, like plastic straws.  As a manufacturer of water based adhesives that are used in a wide variety of food industries, we make it our business to create environmentally friendly solutions.  See our blog more information.

We offer a variety of multi-purpose waterbased adhesives with excellent mileage and quick-setting characteristics for improved line efficiency and quality. Easier to use than dextrin, these waterbased products don't need heating and contribute to a firmer core in cans and tubes with improved crush strength.

Interested and want to know how we can create customized services for your business?

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