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Foam Packaging

HAR offers products that cover a multitude of miscellaneous and niche packaging applications from ream wrap to straw attachments to various foam bonding needs.
Foam Packaging

When it comes to packaging adhesives, HAR Adhesive Technology leads the way! We specialize in various kinds of packaging adhesives including for foam packaging. This packaging is used widely in manufacturing industries especially electronics and automotive. You can expect the types of adhesives needed for foam packaging to vary widely as well - from waterbased adhesives to hot melts to industrial tapes. If you need to bond any kind of polyethylene foam, polyurethane, polyester or expanded polystyrene (EPS) to just about anything, we have the product right for your job. Our adhesive application experts have over 100 years of combined experience matching the right adhesive for even the most difficult jobs.

Interested and want to know how we can create customized services for your business?

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